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One link, all your content. Curate a list of links or calls to action and house them in a single link that can be used on your social profiles or as its own url landing page.

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You’re in control. Choose the modules that work best for you, update your links in real time, arrange your content structure. Make your page your very own.

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Access to insights. Understanding your audience is the key to growing engagement. Utilize your own personalized dashboard and harness the power to make informed decisions.

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Intuitive design. No learning necessary, just jump right in, build your solution, manage your content, access insights and grow your business. All it takes is a few clicks.

A central hub for your content using features that convert.


Promote your social media platforms.


A central hub for users to listen, discover and engage.


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How do you measure results?

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audience growth


active listeners

over a 2 month period

Moving my podcast to The Kadence Club allowed me to focus on content creation and made publishing a breeze. My audience more than doubled since joining the platform as it made it easy for me to build awareness in one central hub.

The Corie Sheppard Podcast

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subscription growth


increased clicks

over a 2 month period

Hi friends! I have been using Kadence Club for over four months and one of the main things I love is how user friendly it is. The fact that I can easily customize my page is a huge seller for me. It is easy for me to track my growth and other KPIs, also I love that local Caribbean Developers are leading this! I cannot recommend it enough!

Book of Cinz

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customer growth


increased sales

over a 2 month period

Exceeded expectations visually with attention to detail on the brand. Eager to help and grow brand awareness.



Free forever.

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  • Showcase your product or service; enjoy all of the benefits of a full ecommerce suite.(coming soon)

  • Allow your audience to book you directly, we integrate directly with Google Calendar(coming soon)

  • Collect emails from your audience using integrations with Google Spreadsheet, MailChimp (coming soon)


For larger teams, a concierge-style service,
save time and accelerate results

All Pro plan features plus:

  • Manage mulitple profiles

  • Access to an Account Manager

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